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Post  user2 on Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:40 am

In this vision, it did appear that Gef'fen has already begun his search
for me, and that he is at this very moment fast approaching. I prayed to
the gods, and to the spirit of Dor'e, and even to my long departed
parents to turn Gef'fen back from this evil place! But I fear that he
hears me not. My powers of spirit and sensing have grown strong from my
training here, and as well I believe, from the generous linking of the
spirits I have had with my many friends. I fear that Gef'fen, having not
this advantage, hears not my pleas.

And yet, while I pray for Gef'fen to abandon his quest and become not a
part of the evil that has nearly overtaken us here, I am comforted by a
sense that all is not lost. I am, as I write this, overcome by a sense
of lightness, of hope, of the joy of many friendships yet unforged. A
hope, nay a _knowing_, that better times are near at hand. A sense that
many, many will live on, much as they have in the past, working together
in the ongoing fight for freedom for all.

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